When it comes to residing in the UAE, it’s not a residency that’s just enough. Sometimes you might need provisions of NOC, replacement of lost document/cards, profession switch, entry/residence permit amendments, and much more for staying in Dubai. At TVG, we stay updated with all the government’s amendments and guide you in ensuring high living standards in Dubai.

    Why do Businesses Need UAE Pro Services?

    Undoubtedly, UAE holds an impeccable place when it comes to world-class infrastructure and premier facilities. But one can enjoy these benefits if they are actually aware of the rules and regulations in the zone they reside in. Here is why businesses across the Emirates need PRO services:

    • Hassle-free Visa processing solutions 
    • Employee visa and/or labour cards
    • Document attestation
    • Arabic translation of official documents
    • Attestation of documents from the Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Foreign Affairs
    • Smooth Trade license processing 
    • Registration of trade name
    • Business registration
    • Health insurance processing
    • Easy Facilitation of Government work and requirements

    Hassle-free NOC Issuance From Sponsor

    A No Objection Certificate aka NOC is a kind of legal document issued by an individual or organization that states no objections to the points made within the document. All in all, it’s the first thing a holder requires to complete in the public records before making changes to their Dubai-based property.

    At TVG, we make sure that your NOC issuance process becomes a smooth journey. It’s our genuine NOC issuance services in Dubai that make it possible. 

    Get Your Lost Documents/Cards Replaced Within A Short Span of Time

    Lost an essential document that proves your residency or business activities in Dubai? Well, you don’t have to worry about it too much. We’ve got you covered. We will assist you in the replacement of your lost documents or cards, including the UAE residence visa, trading license etc. 

    Switch To The Profession, You Think You Are Meant For At Any Time 

    There isn’t any age to change your career and the government of the UAE completely believes in it. Today, there are over 2000 business activities that are legal to perform in the Emirates.

    So, you can always opt for other activities that you think are suitable for your skillset. Our industry professionals give you the most genuine advisory solutions and career development plans for changing your career at any moment.


    What do you mean by PRO services in Dubai?

    PRO services help you to ensure that all the employees in your company comply with the recent UAE Government rules and regulations before joining. It’s always better to hire PRO experts for handling all the law-related matters in your company. 

    How do I get UAE Visa PRO services for my residence visa?

    You can easily get the UAE visa PRO services for your residence visa. All you need to do is to verify if they have years of experience in the industry. 

    What should I do choose the best PRO services in UAE?

    Best PRO services are the one which saves you from the unnecessary hassle of applying or renewing your visa and licenses in the UAE. They liaison with the government bodies and authorities for accomplishing your visa processing shortly.

    How do I pick the PRO services near me for lost UAE residence documents?

    In case you lost your essential document proofs for staying in the Emirates, then all you have to do is reach to the best PRO service agency near you. Make sure they have relevant experience and have successfully built a name in the industry. 

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