Offshore Company Registration in UAE

Offshore Company Registration In UAE

Forming an offshore company in UAE has a lot of advantages. And one of them is tax exemption. To be specific, an offshore companies in Dubai are the registered firms that have the freedom of setting up a base in offshore locations outside Dubai. Furthermore, offshore entities can be in the form of limited liability companies, limited companies and limited partnerships. 

Offshore companies are ideal for various business frameworks, including business management, wealth management, and much more. Currently, there are three prime authorities which allow offshore company formation in Dubai. These authorities are Jabel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Ajman Free Zone(AFZA), and Ras Al Khaimah(RAK).

Process of Incorporating An Offshore Company In the UAE

The entire process of an Offshore company Incorporation Dubai begins with filling out an application form. This form includes the submission of all the information and essential documents. The required documents include valid passport copies of shareholders, company name preference, residence proof of all the shareholders, and detailed information regarding the business nature. 


Forming an offshore company in Dubai isn’t a rocket science. And you can witness delay only if there are errors in the application and documents. Here is where you need UAE offshore company incorporation experts to make it a hassle-free task. They assist you even in the smallest tasks, be it getting visa, opening corporate bank accounts or whatnot.

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Good Things About Dubai Offshore Company Incorporation

There are plethora of benefits for choosing Dubai offshore regions for company incorporation, such as: 

1) Exemptions from corporate tax 

2) Advantage of 100% foreign ownership

3) Streamlined and faster incorporation process

4) Protection of lawsuit for safeguarding your possessions if you’re involved in legal proceedings

5) A strong legal system to protect your assets from seizure by the creditors

6) 100% benefit of privacy 

7) Freedom to issue multiple share classes 

8) Needs only one shareholder and one director for establishment 


Essential Documents Requirement To Undergo Dubai Offshore Company Incorporation

1) An effective Business plan ( At least for 3 years). (not mandatory)

2) Original Referral letter from the bank or six monthly statements (stamped by the bank).

 3) Address Proof ( Ex. Utility bills, etc)

4) Shareholder’s CV

5) Copies of Shareholders’ passports 

6) 3 options for reserving the name

7) Detail of Business Activity