Company Formation In Dubai Mainland

    One Package, Many Solutions!!!

    Our all-in-one comprehensive package offers you the advantage of setting up an LLC company in Dubai with full ownership and control over your company.

    We help you not only to incorporate your company but also assist you with all the legal and governmental formalities.

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    Free Zone vs Mainland Dubai : What’s Better?

    Although Free Zone In UAE has a plethora of benefits, one can’t neglect why forming a company in Dubai Mainland is a worth-investing decision. Here is how. 

    Companies in Dubai Free Zones have restrictions in terms of the area they could do business. Whereas, UAE mainland company formation doesn’t have any restriction. If you establish your business in Dubai Mainland, you can do business anywhere in the UAE.

    Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    Dubai offers a holistic and favorable environment for businesses to run their operations. Having a mainland company not only permits you to trade in local markets but also internationally. Indeed, you will amazed to know the benefits of forming a mainland company Dubai has. Some of the main advantages of registering a company in mainland Dubai are mentioned below

    1. Freedom to choose and conduct a wide range of business activities
    2. The flexibility to choose any emirate or zone in the UAE.
    3. Trade anywhere in the UAE or internationally

    Read all the benefits here

    Are you now eager to know the Mainland company setup Dubai cost? Well, you can  set up your business in Dubai easily. Seek advice from TVG Management Consultancy Team.

    Top Business Locations in Dubai for Business Setup

    Many locations in Dubai can facilitate the setting up of mainland business. Being one of the world’s most developed areas, securing office space is the most vital aspect of running a business. There are many districts for mainland company formation in Dubai UAE you can choose, such as

    1. Sheik Zayed Road
    2. Business Bay
    3. Al Qusais
    4. Al Quoz
    5. Jumeirah, etc.

    We can help you get a corporate office in a vigorous environment for your business.

    Our Professional License Services Include

    Our comprehensive package includes the below-mentioned services and many more. We not only assist you to incorporate your company but also serve as a liaison between you and the government.

    1. Professional Trade License
    2. Name Approval
    3. Investor Visa 
    4. Bank Account Assistance 
    5. PRO Services 
    6. Legal Advice 
    7. Tax Consultation
    8. Immigration Card
    9. Company Stamp Services 
    10. VAT Registration

    Requirements For UAE Mainland Company Formation

    The major necessities for setting up a business entity are mentioned below:

    1. Determining the type of business activity
    2. Deciding the suitable jurisdiction for your business
    3. Selecting a trade name
    4. Obtaining the requisite pre-approvals or third party approvals (applies to certain cases only)
    5. Applying for the business license
    6. Choosing the type of facility for your business bearing in mind the number of residence visas required

    After getting the business license, you can start your business. It is also important to know the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction you have selected for operating your business and ensure you abide by these rules. The type of company you can register would depend on your business needs. Having an organization to advise you and provide support with the documentation process can ease the registration process of mainland company formation in Dubai.

    Types of licenses in Dubai Mainland?

    There are 4 types of licenses available that can be obtained based on the nature of the business. They are 

    Commercial Licence: Commercial licenses are obtained by those entities that are involved in the trading of goods. This applies to both general and specialized trading businesses. The license allows the entity to trade within UAE and internationally freely.

    Industrial Licence: Industrial license is obtained by entities that are engaged in the process of converting raw materials or natural resources into finished goods. Industrial and manufacturing units are required to obtain an industrial license from DED (Department of Economic Development – Dubai) to resume their operations.

    Professional Licence: This type of license is sought by professionals who are experts in their selected field. These professionals are service providers in their respective fields and can operate with a professional license obtained from DED.

    Tourism Licence: Tourism is arguably one of the most sought-after industries in the world. Obtaining a tourism license in Dubai helps the entity to organize tours and travels operations.

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