HR Advisory Solutions

The term HR advisory solutions, sometimes shortened to HR solutions, refers to the technology that companies use to help simplify certain human resources-related processes. Just as a range of responsibilities comprise human resources, this advisory can aid in a variety of sectors.

  • We have many years’ experiences in HR advisory solutions which we can offer as guidance to problems related to HR field.
  • Our HR experts are qualified with several years of experience in dealing with different sectors and can provide the best solutions for different issues related to HR.
  • Our process is systematic and our approach is professional.
  • We have an expert team that monitors and checks our services are up-to-date and modernized.
  • Our company works on improving its services from time to time.
  • Our HR experts are dedicated and committed enough to ensure the level of satisfaction of our employees is high.
Our HR Services

We offer a comprehensive range of HR services that can help any organization to tap into and unlock the value of their Human Capital. We will focus about:

Manpower Planning
Man Power planning is a process that identifies current and future human resources needs for an organization.
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance refers to the way in which companies are governed and to what purpose.
HR Outsourcing
A contractual agreement between an employer and an external third-party provider.
HR for Start-Ups
The journey from Founder to Employer can be exciting yet overwhelming, especially when you have limited prior experience in building a team from scratch, including selecting the person, issuing contracts, processing visas, etc. As an award-winning Human Resource Consultancy in Dubai, we support Start-up Founders to build the right team to deliver the vision and business plan.
HR Consulting
We partner with business leaders on their People Strategy with a focus on profitability and business growth. This can range from defining (or redefining) your People Strategy to identifying root causes for the current people and performance challenges. Your business will benefit from a bespoke HR services that is aligned with your vision, industry, and operation.
Organisational Design and Restructuring
Are you preparing for growth or undergoing a restructure? No matter what the driver for change; growth, rightsizing or diversification it is important not to lose sight of the overall organisational design and structure of your organisation to ensure it operates effectively.

What We Do?

Our HR Services

We are a professional HR Consulting & HR Outsourcing services Company, focused on Start-ups and SMEs with a business-driven, and people focused approach. We equip and empower you to create a culture where your team focuses on achieving your Company vision, mission and goals. We also act as an extension of your team and provide you with on-going HR support without the cost of additional headcount.

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