This would depend on the jurisdiction where the proposed business is to be registered at. Regards the second question, most jurisdictions don’t require paid-up capitals, however, free zones like DMCC require the share capital to be deposited in the company’s account within a period of three weeks from the date of the registration. Once the evidence is provided, the owners can withdraw the funds

Yes, provided all the legal documents of the parent company are translated into Arabic once each document is duly certified by the UAE Embassy in the country of incorporation and legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Emirates.

The timeframe could be as short as one day, however, it depends on the type of business activity and the setup procedure of the jurisdiction where the business is to be registered.

No. Foreign investors can enjoy the benefit of incorporating unlimited number of companies.

Yes, this is possible provided the area of the business site meets the requirements.

Yes, this is possible so long as the share capital of the company meets the requirements of acquiring more than two partner visas and each shareholder owns the required percentage of the total shares.

The free zone company can only rent a property within the jurisdiction where it’s registered. If the company wishes to rent a property elsewhere, it must obtain a license from the Authority of the jurisdiction where the desired property is registered under. However, there are some warehousing companies that provide options for subleasing in which case it wouldn’t be necessary to form a branch or a subsidiary.

In most cases, there’s a grace period of one month following which a certain penalty would be applied depending on the rules and regulations of the concerned jurisdiction.

UAE residents are allowed to acquire a freelance permit from any free zone in the UAE as long as they provide an NOC from their sponsors to work as freelancers.

If the threshold reaches AED 375,000, a freelancer must register for VAT. However, if it’s within the amount of AED 187,500 and AED 375,000, the freelancer has an option of whether or not to register for VAT.

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