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    Growth Legally With A Employment Visa in Dubai
    Let’s Check Ready to get substantial growth in your career and earn impressive remuneration after relocating to Dubai? All you need to do is to apply for your employment visa in Dubai. We, at TVG, can help you with the hassle-free application for the UAE work visa or employment visa.

    What Are The Benefits of Dubai’s Employment Visa?

    Dubai’s employment visa is the special permission that you get as a foreigner if you wish to work legally in the UAE. Your employer is the responsible person who applies for the UAE employment visa application from the employee’s side.
    Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), the employment visa in UAE is the result of the employer’s sponsorship. The initial validity of the work visa is 30 days and it can extend up to 30 days on request.
    Here are a few more benefits of getting a work visa in the UAE:

    • Opens job opportunities for graduates from top 500 universities across the globe
    • Working in Dubai offers the benefits of Health insurance
    • Employees get 30 days of vacation per annum



    Documentation Requirements For Getting An Employment Visa In Dubai

    Before getting an employment visa as a foreign national, applying for the residence visa is the priority. Here are the required documents:

    • Firstly, the employer needs to submit the completed application form
    • Next, they have to provide the original passport of the applicant along with its copy
    • Present several passport photos
    • Valid company card copy
    • Health Certificate
    • Proof of Issued entry permit by Ministry of Labor
    • Submission of the proof of application fee payment

    Once you apply for it, you need to follow the below steps for acquiring an Employment visa:

    • Employee’s Contract of employment with the company in Dubai
    • Applicant’s birth certificate copies
    • If applicable, then submit the copy of the employee’s marriage certificate copy
    • Dubai’s accommodation proof with the lease agreement copy
    • Financial evidence of the applicant’s ability to support themselves in Dubai

    How to Apply For The Dubai’s Employment Visa?

    There are a few steps you need to undergo while applying for the UAE employment visa, such as:

    • Get approval from the Ministry of Labor
    • Issuance of Entry Permit visa for the employee
    • Issuance of Residence Visa
    • Issuance of Residence Visa
    • Employment visa issuance
    • Medical examination
    • Stamping process of the residence visa in the passport



    All set to lap up the benefits of working in Dubai? Let’s Connect To know how to get an Employment visa in Dubai.


    How much time does it take to obtain a family visa in Dubai?

    On average, it approximately takes 10 to 12 working days for meeting all the requirements of the UAE family visa.

    Why should I outsource my Dubai family visa processing?

    When you outsource a business consultancy firm for the UAE family visa or dependent’s visa processing, you get a team of industry experts. They take care of even a minor step involved in the visa application process. Thus, they ensure that you get your family visa in Dubai as soon as possible.

    What is the family visa cost in Dubai?

    There are a plethora of factors that decide the cost of a family visa in the UAE, such as if the dependants of the sponsor are already in Dubai on a tourist visa. The charges for the dependant already staying in Dubai on a tourist visa are higher.
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