Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Formation

Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate and the federal capital of the UAE and, as such, has eight free zones

  1. Twofour54 
  2. Masdar City Free Zone
  3. The industrial city of Abu Dhabi
  4. Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone
  5. Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi
  6. Abu Dhabi Ports Industrial Zone
  7. Abu Dhabi Global Markets Free Zone 
  8. Higher Corporation for Specialised Economic Zone

There are many facilities and incentives offered by the government to attract investors and boost economic growth. Being the largest in the region, Abu Dhabi allows a wide range of business activities to be carried out. Each zone offers certain advantages and facilities that companies and freelancers could easily benefit from. The types of licenses offered in the Abu Dhabi free zones include commercial, industrial, trading, consultancy, media, e-commerce, warehouse, freelancer, and many more. Having a simplified process and effective returns on investment makes it a hotspot for setting up your business.

Abu Dhabi free zone company formation - TVG Management Consultancy
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